I don't think my order / payment went through, so why have you charged me?

If you didn't reach the order confirmation page and receive a confirmation email, I'm afraid that we haven't received a successful payment or order on this occasion.

You may see a pending payment on your bank statement for the value of the order, and here's why that is:

Payments go through two stages of approval: your bank and our payment platform.

Although your bank may have already approved the payment, it may not have passed our payment platform's security settings. When a postcode or CVC check fails, the payment is declined. These checks are in place to protect us.

So, even if your bank is willing to approve the transaction, our payment platform cannot complete the transaction if their approval failed.

The pending payment that you can see on your bank statement is your bank's approval of the payment attempt. It is not a successful payment and we have no access to these funds. This approval will disappear from your bank statement. The time this takes varies from bank to bank, and can be from a few hours to a few days.

Summary: Your bank approved the payment, but our payment platform declined the payment as it failed the security checks. Therefore, the payment was not completed and you are seeing your banks approval as a 'pending payment'. This will disappear within a few days.

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