Do you offer to Price Match?

We do!
We are flattered and overjoyed that you come to us to ask for a price match.
We just have a few simple criteria for it!

  1. We can only price match other UK retailers, and you must share a link to the product from the other retailer and ourselves.
  2. The product must be identical in size, colour, make and model to the one in question.
  3. The other retailer must have the item in stock and be able to deliver in the timescales that we offer.
  4. We cannot offer price match pre-orders if an item is unavailable on our website.
  5. The price must be the full price offered to all customers and not a personal price or including any rewards or discounts.
  6. Delivery charges will be taken into account when calculating matches.
  7. We cannot price match different traders such as member-only, pre-owned, outlet, heavy discounts or from stores going into administration or closing down (examples include TK Maxx, eBay, Book People, etc).
  8. No further discounts can be applied to the price match.

To make it easy, we've created a handy form for you to fill in

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